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Business Planning and Portfolio Management
Our experience has shown that too little time is spent on this activity, leading businesses to start the year with a disconnected portfolio of activities. We have experience in really getting to understand what the business aims and objectives are and working through a very rigorous process in order to arrive at an agreed, focussed and achievable portfolio of activities.

Programme Management
Programme management is not just running a big project, it is managing a cross functional group of projects with a common goal. The key skills here are ones of planning, communication, stakeholder management and co-ordination. We have a wide experience of running successful programmes for Blue Chip companies and can help kick off a key programme or rescue one that is in the doldrums.

Project Management
We believe the success of a key project lies in getting the foundations right – so getting the objectives clearly defined, a team organised and an effective sponsor in place. We have been involved in running a wide range of projects from call centre re-builds to Customer experience projects but in each case the basic recipe for success is the same. We can help your teams run more effective projects with positive outcomes by leading the project or working alongside your project leaders as a coach.

Presentation Planning and Delivery
Everyday we experience the power of presentations – from a daily briefing to corporate conferences. Individuals' careers and departmental plans can be enhanced or dashed during a fifteen minute presentation. We can help plan a presentation, design the content and most importantly coach the deliverer to maximise the chance of a successful outcome.

Facilitation, Workshops and Meetings
We all know how unproductive meetings and workshops can be if they are not planned and well run. We are experts in this field and can help your business dramatically improve these skills to ensure positive, timely and meaningful meetings.

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